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RPG Dragon Sinker - Due to maintenance the app for 64-bit devices will not be available shortly after July 31, 2021. Relying on new devices may be able to stop the spread in the future. We like your understanding.

A brand new classic RPG that can't be played!

Join other people, monsters, dwarfs and go kill the evil dragon, Warmfarge!

Using 8-bit graphics and sound that goes back to the golden age of role-playing games, Dragon Sinker brings video and audio conferencing to the table of gamers who crave a lack of information about the old!

Graphics and sound effects!

In keeping with the traditional RPG recipe, Dragon Sinker adds an 8-bit soundtrack featuring legendary gamer Ryuji Sasai, who presents his talents at the table to create an unforgettable sky associated with pixel graphics - true to show the 80s and 90s! Also, with lots of little challenges that the hero has to face in secret dungeons to explore, this is one of the most memorable adventures!

Fight with multiple teams!

Fight up to 12 team members and just switch between 3 teams to attack many powerful enemies! In addition, by using the characteristics and characters of different races and occupations, group leaders and members can benefit from different interests!

Need to collect them all!

Travel the world to find new friends and collect 16 missions! So, knowing the skills needed for each role, you will play battles to have a lot of strategy and fun. Giving pixel lovers something to expect!

* The whole game can be played without having to go to the game.

* Some ads contain a videotape that will appear when viewing the offer.

* Prices vary by region.

* If you notice errors or problems with the application, contact us via the insert button on the title screen. Please note that our responses to error messages are not left in the app reviews.

* Cash version and bonus points in the game are also available for download! For more information, take a look at "Dragon Sinker" on the site!

[OS Support]

- 4.0 and above

[Playback Control]

- supplier

[SD card storage]

- Aken


- English and Japanese

[Supported devices]

Most of this feature has been tested to work on a mobile device supplied in Japan. We cannot claim full support for other devices.

[Important note]

Use of the application requires agreement with the End User License Terms and the "Privacy and Privacy Policy". If you do not agree, please do not accept our request.

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